12/30/2021 Its almost new years!! i havent been on this in so long, so much stuff happened in my life! i got my neocities to work though :D

6/14/2021 I couldn't get my neocities to work :( but i temporarily disabled my firewall. it works but idk how to fix my neocities to work even with firewall on.

6/9/2021 i am back home, we went to niagara falls. pretty cool place :)

6/5/2021 WOW im not DEAD?! surpising!, jkjk, currently im at a hotel -_- not much to update tbh, i keep forgetting about this website lol. sorry!! :(

5/27/2021 i havent been on lately, sorry. havent had time :(! nothing much has happened lately.

5/22/2021 My relatives came over today, had fun spending time with them :-)

5/21/2021 my first journal entry! Its kind of hard to talk about my feelings so i hope you dont mind that ;-; Anyway, this entry is just gonna be short since not much has been going on in my life.

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